Thursday, June 26, 2008

Greetings! Now Open for Business!

Hello gardeners, farmers, and the curious, and welcome to The Soil Blocker.
Yahoo is unable to fix my feed problems, so I've made the jump to blogspot. Critical research and history to the soil block movement has been sitting unavailable to many readers, until now. This blog is created to dispel many misconceptions and misuse of soil blockers, even by gardeners who have been using them for years. It seems as if these folks have a lot of advise for techniques that should've been corrected by the proper use of a soil blocker. I am here to help realign the growing movement for the soil blockers. You may recall, I am the Potting Block Guru, and I am here to answer all questions about soil blocks, soil blockers, seed starting, transplanting and even commercial farming with soil blocks. Stay tuned, get your feed, every Sunday you will learn how to make that soil blocker sing with results that puts all other methods of seed starting, transplanting, growing and propagating, to shame!

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