Monday, April 20, 2009

Why You Need the Mini 5, 1.5" Soil Blocker Now

The little Mini 5 goes so unnoticed in the farm and garden. It is the least sold
potting blocker out of the potting block family. Why is that? It is not because it
isn't the perfect blocker, or an odd ball in the bunch. No, it is precisely because
of the lack of education first time soil blockers can find. By now, everyone is
fairly comfortable with the Micro 20 fitting into the Mini 4 and how versatile those two blockers are individually and together. But, where is the detailed information on the least known blocker of them all? Well, right here, right now, of course. The Potting Block Guru would like to shed some light on the Mini 5. And so, I would like to say, without a doubt, if you only had to buy one soil blocker in your entire life, IT WOULD HAVE TO BE THE MINI 5. Why? Many reasons compound in my reasoning, but first let's say that, by itself, it is the most versatile blocker we make. It will handle all seeds, all sizes, all types of growth rates, all seeds pins(cubic pins are not recommended, as the walls become too frail and fall apart), and they make a comfortable 5 blocks in one swift stroke. The Mini 5 can easily replace both the Micro 20 and the Mini 4 because you won't need to transplant the Mini 5 into anything except the Maxi 1, which the Mini 5 sits in so nicely with just a little potting soil to top it off. I have tested the Mini 5 this year with every seed imaginable, and it does the job quite well. It gets the early seeds up and out into the garden way earlier than anybody else, it handles the tomatoes and peppers started in February and finally transplanted into the Maxi 1 by April, with no transplant shock or slow growth. It is used to seed melons, one per hole, and you get to choose the most vigorous plant. It will handle squash seeds, corn seeds, and anything that needs less than three weeks before the last frost date, with no transplant shock. Try it for peas and get three crops per year, one extra early, one regular spring planting, and one fall planting, keeping the flowers safe from frost. It handles all flower seeds, even those microscopic seeds. It also uses way less potting soil than the Mini 4-Micro 20 combo. The small size is easy to handle, but holds as much soil as a 2" square pot from a nursery. It is actually a little smaller than the Mini 4, so it is easier to handle for smaller hands. And, since you don't need cubic pins, you'll save time in not changing those out over and over again. And, finally, it's cheap! The prices have come down because people are finding out about it. They just love it for lettuce and herbs. And, commercial growers, please don't forget the 1.5" comes in a Stand Up or Multi 20 soil blocker! Imagine, one machine one stroke, 20 blocks, perfect every time! This is actually the best selling Stand Up, or Multi blocker we make, but it has been rarely known about outside of the commercial farmer arena. So, make haste, make soil paste, block away, no waste, and enjoy the easiest to use blocker of them all--the little friend known as the Mini 5

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