Monday, June 1, 2009

Warning: Pocket Gophers Push Up Soil Blocks.

Alert! Alert!!!
Those of you who have, or have had gopher problems, be aware that for some reason or another, they detest them, and decide to dig them up and out. It is almost like a game for them as they push the little transplant Popsicle out of the ground where it meets it's fate and dries and dies in the sun. What do you do about it, you wonder? Gophers are big problem in many people's garden, as evidence of the things for sale in garden catalogs. The best relief is simple, but definitely not for everyone. Get a ground hunting, "mouser" cat, and keep the area prone to gophers mowed. Feed the cat less food, and introduce him/her to that pile of gopher dirt in your back yard. Eventually, they'll get them. And, hopefully it will be the male gopher, which is territorial, and hence has already scared every other male away.
The second bit of sound advice is to get rid of your perennial clover. I know, tough decision to make. I had to make it. Because perennial clover, that which grows from the roots every year, or year 'round, attracts the gopher as he/she feeds on the roots and subterranean critters. How are you suppose to do that??? Well, if it's in your lawn and everywhere, cut down to the ground real short, and time the cutting right before a rain comes. That let's the grass come back, and from all the rain it stunts and crowds out the clover. Do this a few times a year, and don't let any more clover go to seed. If you have a potential garden spot with clover and gophers, dig it up!
Best of luck! And, if you need any more organic gardening advice, buy some soil blockers at and get free lifetime gardening help. That's what I do.