Sunday, August 30, 2009

Ready-To-Use Potting Blocks?

Greetings again friends, customers, loyal supporters!
After a refreshing sunny summertime break from blogging, I had to return to the key board of communication. The occasion? A ground breaking innovation in gardening: Ready-To-Use soil blocks shipped directly to your home! As I have told readers before, soil blocks are not new. They are over 2000 years old. But, what is new about Ready-To-Use soil blocks is the fact that you don't need to buy a soil blocker, mix your soil, or even get dirt under your fingernails to have all the numerous benefits of soil blocks. They're known as "Culture Cubes" and, thanks to the tireless efforts of one Mr. Jon Kehl, you can buy a sturdy home garden kit of 12 1.5" soil blocks complete with mini greenhouse cover and tray, seed covering worm castings, worm tea concentrate, and detailed instructions. But, what makes this kit so amazing to agriculture today, is the fact that the worm castings are 100% Vegetarian! This is known as Vegetable Vermicompost. That's right, everything I have extolled as a virtuous potting soil ingredient. Jon is the founder of Rocky Mountain Worms, and his soil block cubes are made with our soil block makers! Jon, taking advantage of the "life time customer consultations", has asked the Guru many intelligent questions on how to make this product become a staple in homes of all gardeners who want the amazing growth potential of soil blocks, but don't want to make them. This is a garden product miracle, and I have personally tested them, as I do with every product I endorse. My results? Easy to use, easy to understand instructions, speedy germination, plenty of time for plants to grow up big before transplanting, plenty of worm castings and worm tea for continual support, clean, neat appearance, suitable for indoors and outdoors, kitchens and hydroponic greenhouses, and best of all, no work gardening!
This is what you'll get from Culture Cubes (in their own words):
"Culture Cubes are compressed cubes that hold their shape so no plastic inserts or pots are needed. Their base ingredients are rich organic soil and quality worm castings and tea. Volcanic pumice and vermiculite provide the perfect water to air ratio for strong root growth. The cubes contain no peat or animal waste (except vegetable based worm castings). Soil cubes are used extensively in European countries and have been in existence for 2000 years. Rocky Mountain Worms has combined seed starting technology and vermiculture techniques in developing the Culture Cube kit for ultimate seed germination and plant production. The kit contains 12 cubes in tray with clear lid, worm casting mix for seed topping, 1 oz. worm tea concentrate for watering and additional microbial activity and complete instructions. Shipped fresh in breathable containers to preserve microbial growth."
Our trial runs are proving to be every bit as good as our own home made Old Farm Boy Potting Soil, an amazing feat I might add! They also sell Vegetarian Worm Castings, a must have for the do-it-yourself potting blocker. They sell support sprays and worm teas, too. This is a great product, something can stand behind. And, right now, they're on sale at their website for only $8.95, regularly $10.95. So, hurry in and stock up for fall, winter and spring planting. We are one of Jon's trial farms for Culture Cubes, and I must confess, he's spoiling us by sending Ready-To-Use Potting Blocks with dynamic growth results from your kitchen window sill. Please check them out at

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