Saturday, July 17, 2010

Soil Block Supply--Premier Edition Catalog

Greetings and Salutations,

I'd like to formally announce the coming of new era in The Creation of the first Soil Block Supply Catalog. It will be released on January 5, 2012, marking the 4th year anniversary of It will be released on PDF file format in response to customers demand to eliminate the use of paper, thus saving countless forests from clear cutting. It will contain the vital information, products and customer service needed to completely support the Soil Blocker, or one who uses soil blocks to farm and garden. SBS, Soil Block Supply, will contain only items that support, accelerate and expand the phenomenal growth rate of transplants in soil blocks. It's like Hydroponics, but say "Soilponics". It's Certified Authentic Beyond Organic, or customer testifying all products and the processes of achieving biological products are produced with the highest welfare of our planet earth in mind, excluding absolutely no creature on our Mother globe. This means most products are Vegan, and the remainder products are strict by-products of ethical, biological, natural, and humanical, or "good for all People". And, our commitment to eliminating the use and need for plastics, continues, with choosing only recyclable plastic containers to send products, or selling only local or regional United States plastic manufacturing companies adhering to strict environmental controls and laws. It's the "one-stop-shop" for the most authentic seed starting supply catalog in the world.

Our Motto: "To help you grow the most abundant, nutritionally dense fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers using the organic soil block system of growing. Vitamin and Mineral Complex Complete. Food is Medicine, and People Eat."

Our Vision: "We Will Return to the Garden, and Feast Abundantly in our backyard, city block, farm, community, or Country by using simple timeless gardening tools and leaving the soil a trillion times better than when we found it. We will all be fed Nutrient Dense Plant Food, and We Will All Be Fed."

Our Goal: "Support each customer with First Class Help in gardening, farming, or the art of soil blocking. Provide each customer with First Class Organic Gardening Products that will assist you from seed to start, soil block to garden patch. Whether you are a beginning gardener or a commercial grower, we answer your questions and we will seek the right help, partnerships, research, and live consultations needed to master the art of starting seeds in potting blocks, and transplanting them efficiently, correctly, and without any transplant shock, nor stunting."

What's New?

We've added dozens of new products to the original soil block makers. This is now a complete seed starting source for soil blockers. So, we'll sell the finest seeds in the world, sell you the finest soil block makers in the world, sell you the finest potting soil in the word, and sell you the finest garden products in the world that will last generations to come.
We've added numerous more products to the famous Old Farm Boy brand of potting soil. Old Farm Boy will stand for Original, Organic, Vegan and Ecological soils, fertilizers, and amendments. Safe for all people and planet. Old Farm Boy Potting Blocks, the "pre-made soil block", or soil cubes, are available for those who want the results and benefits of soil block super growth, but don't want to make them. You can buy the pre-made soil block, or call it the "pot-less" pot. It's plant and play time for these customers, as they get the same lifetime gardening support and answers to their questions as the soil blocker tool customer.
The OFB Potting Block is the only seed starting container that sources the ingredients regionally, and leaves a minimum carbon footprint.
We've also added high quality plastic items that will last decades without breaking, and be completely recyclable after its use is up, often many decades of rugged farm abuse. We are committed to using minimal plastic on our own research farm, but unpredictable climate changes across the globe has made the use of agricultural plastics indispensable in regards to raising good food. However, there is no excuse for us, as the world's resource in soil block agriculture, to not completely phase out the use of any plastic products, minus the one's we already have, by 2012.
And, finally, we've added soil blocking organization products. We must all keep better track of our soil blocks. We must learn this system thoroughly if we are to teach others, grow select strains of rich vegetables, and save our own seeds, for prosperity, security, and "thrival-ness". We now stock soil block labels, waterproof soil block charts, trays, flats, and include planting by the moon schedules and information.
WOW! This is really complete. Customers have supported this mission from the start. To them, we are eternally grateful, for they have provided the means so that is the end; the end of your searching for the perfect organic seed starting system. Now, this day, let's start anew, on the journey to the most authentic way to start seeds, with live help for life, and a dedication to grow for yourself, for the benefit of all.

Happy, Healthy, Honestly Good Gardening,

Jason Beam, creator


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