Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Here Ye, Here Ye--Feedback Wanted!

Greetings Anew!  Customers and Friends.

Jason's Great Grandfather's Company
advertising for eggs back in the 1930's.
Jacob Kramer is where the
Old Farm Boy trademark gets
it's name!
Now is the time to participate in the expansion of the Potting Blocks Company.  We are a gardening product store with research facilities in the ever expanding Organiculture Industry.  We are forging new relationships to bring gardeners, farmers, and nurseries to meet with advanced, efficient, and practical gardening products and information.  But, we need your help.  We need to know what you'd like to see on, the world's resource for soil block agriculture.
We'd like to know what products we should carry, not just soil block makers and seed starting supplies.  And, finally, we'd like to know what would make our site or your experience better.  Please go ahead and leave us your comments here, and we'll register you for our big release party drawing of a brand new soil blocker invention coming in 2012.  That's right, another soil blocker to the family!  So go ahead, tell us what you think, what you'd buy, and what would make us better, because the home-grown gardening phenomena is FOR REAL and expanding.
Thank you kindly,
Jason Beam, creator and just another USA Distributor of the Authentic Ladbrooke Soil Block Maker made in England.


  1. Have you considered selling something like the Fogg-it misting nozzles you refer to on the Irrigation page, or some automated system for bottom-watering? One of my chief difficulties is maintaining the right water level in my trays so that the blocks stay moist enough without dissolving.


  2. Would love to see a Micro blocker made of steel instead of plastic. I make thousands of micro blocks per season (2 growing seasons here in AZ) and feel that steel would hold up better than plastic in the long run.
    Thanks for great customer service!