Friday, August 10, 2012

What is NimBioSys, the Biological Insecticide?

Sometimes pests just get in your garden, even if you practice the "Pest Positive" practice of the best organic farmers like Eliot Coleman.  Especially in greenhouses, where mono cropping and concentrated plants live while waiting for transplanting or market sales.  What if you absolutely will not use anything except beneficial insects or integrated pest management and all of your "good bugs" fly away or won't hatch in time to save your plants?  Soap and water is only temporary, and hand killing is tedious hard work.  I, myself, let yellow jackets live in abundance in the greenhouses.  They are dangerous, but they eat everything, and I rarely have to exterminate whiteflies or aphids anymore.  But, this is an extreme case of IPM, and not recommended, as I am a small gardener these days and am often the only one in my research tunnels.  Back when I had greenhouses stuffed with transplants ready for field and market, aphids and whiteflies were already doing considerable damage, not to mention ruining the visual appeal.  I didn't know about neem oil then, and I certainly wouldn't believe you can use an insecticide to kill the plant eating bugs and save your beneficials, bees and worms!  Well, organic growers rejoice for NimBioSys Neem Oil, the very first insecticide approved for organic production, OMRI listed. 
NimBioSys Neem Oil does not kill on contact, rather, when the plants are sprayed and the bugs continue to eat, they suddenly stop eating and would rather starve than eat again.  That is because neem oil is a anti-feedant.  And, it is an insect repellant and an insect growth regulator.
NimBioSys Neem Oil is 100% cold pressed neem oil and is not harmful to beneficial insects like lacewings, lady beetles, praying mantis, and wasps as beneficials feed on insects, bees on nectar.  However, it is recommended not to spray when bees are actively feeding.  It will not harm them, but it may cause problems with their larvae or juveniles in the hive.  Interestingly enough, NimBioSys neem oil has been used to treat and protect bees from the varroa mite.  Also, it is not recommended to spray on butterfly gardens after the butterflies have arrived as the neem oil will hurt the larvae.  When properly administrated neem oil is safe and non-toxic to humans and animals, but in high doses could harm fish.  But, the little amount needed for your home and garden will never be enough to hurt anything!  This is why I can recommend this biological insecticide to all of my customers who might've felt the same way as I did about killing anything.  After all, the manufacturer's name is Ahimsa Alternative.  Ahimsa is an ancient Sanskrit word meaning non-violence.  Finally, for all those who's love of nature and compassion can be cherished while truly eliminating pests in a non-violent manner, NimBioSys Neem Oil is Mother Nature's answer again to all our problems.

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