Saturday, February 22, 2014

Thank you Readers, Customers, Ladbrooke Soil Blockers of England!

Greetings All. 

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This blog was the beginning of a great idea:  To educate the world of gardeners with the possibilities and potentials of soil blocks and soil block agriculture using the world's finest Ladbrooke soil blockers.

Thank you readers for spreading the word about Potting Blocks.
Thank you Potting Block Customers for trusting us with your gardening product needs and service.
And, Thank you dear Ladbrooke Company of England for believing in us to promote your products in the U.S.A. with integrity, honesty, and passion.

At we have every thing you need to start soil blocking.  Even if you're a beginner in gardening and want to start with soil blockers, we are here to assist you.  Unlike anywhere else on the world wide web, we are actually using soil blockers everyday, and researching and developing advanced soil block gardening techniques.  We only sell products that assist the soil block system, so you can rest assured you'll be supported by our staff of highly trained and qualified farmers, gardeners, and helpful salespeople.

As one market farmer has told us:  "I owe everything to you and your potting blockers for my success."

That's what we do here:  Help you become successful with soil blocks, one gardener at a time.