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How These Gardening Books and Sites Changed My Life? By Inspiration!


Hot, Fresh, Classic Soil Blocking Information. Please Join in these efforts to expand our knowledge base of this art and science.

Advanced Soil Blocking Forum

Potting Blocks Blog

For Australia: 
The Organic Farm Supply Company of Australia committed to Deep Ecology and Innovative Gardening Products that work, for generations. Many of Eliot Coleman's recommended tools can be found here. Great Folks in the Organic know-how business.

For England and Europe:
Dave and Val Taylor from the UK have everything you need, if you're reading from the UK. Great folks! NOW AVAILABLE! Elliot Coleman designed Dagger Trowel sold only in England!

For the Good Ol' USA:
The most comprehensive magazine periodical on ecological farming on the face of the planet. Started by the wisest man in natural farming, Charles Walters. Get a free sample magazine. Must read!
The leaders in organic agriculture. Stay connected to all the good things happening in the world. I really like the New Farm section, as it is essential for us market gardeners.
Are you getting a soil sample? Here's where we get ours, and it's a whole new learning curve. This lab measures the life in your soil. It's all about getting the biology back into the soil, not necessarily added a missing element, but adding the biology that will sustain the missing element. Tests composts and compost teas, leaves and crops, too. See our primer on the Soil Food Web.
Do you want a greenhouse plastic that lasts 6 years instead of 4? Do you want a greenhouse plastic with the highest percentage of light transmittance in the industry(92%)? Do you want to "see" out your plastic greenhouse? Click here if you answered yes to any of these questions and spend a few extra dollars on the best greenhouse plastic ever!
Interested in growing food in the smallest spot possible and be sustainable? Neat people doing great deeds. This is where I learned how to compost.
The author of Worms Eat My Garbage, Mary Appelhof has created a very rich website to support worm enthusiasts. Very helpful with a free e-zine:
A great primer on rock dusts.
The east coast king of seeds, supplies, and Elliot Coleman designed tools.
The west coast king of seeds, supplies, tools,fertilizers and amendments.
Many of our farm tools that we talk about came from here. Some are of the highest quality, some, not so high. But all in all, great prices, great people, great service. Also, I get my commercial greenhouse equipment from Farmtek.
As the name implies, it is the growing edge of agriculture, loaded, jam packed and stuffed with unique content on agriculture, hydroponics, organiculture, and socio-political news on our world food supply. Also, detailed information on how to grow and do lots of projects. Find a niche market and get growing! and raise some serious cash. A total brain stimulator!


The New Organic Grower by Eliot Coleman.
A Master's Manual of Tools and Techniques for the Home and Market Gardener-
Our main man, Elliot Coleman has brought tools, tricks and trades of Organic Farming to the mainstream. To him, we are eternally grateful. If you would like to farm for profit on 1-5 acres, this would be your first step.

Four Season Harvest by Eliot Coleman.
Organic Vegetables from Your Home All Year Long-
Here, Elliot has done it again! An amazing book on how to eat fresh produce all winter long. Takes a detailed look on how they do it in Europe and passes on all that info to us. More small scale gardener friendly than above.

Solar Gardening by Leandre Poisson and Gretchen Vogel Poisson.
Growing Vegetables Year-Round the American Intensive Way-
A very detailed book on growing food year-round. It combines Chinese Intensive with French Intensive gardening techniques to create the American Intensive Way. Neat book for the handy man who would like to create super efficient cold frames. All phases of gardening covered. Greenhouse Gardener's Companion by Shane Smith. Growing Food & Flowers in Your Greenhouse or Sunspace If you've got a greenhouse, you'll want this book around. And if you don't have a greenhouse, you'll want one because there isn't anything you can't grow. Shane will show you how.

How to Grow More Vegetables* by John Jeavons.
(and fruits, nuts, berries, grains, and other crops)* than you ever thought possible on less land than you can imagine. I think that says it all. Great for composting and gardening on the cheap. This is the work passed down from the great Alan Chadwick. Their results are so outstanding that they call their work "GROW BIOINTENSIVE"(R). Very descriptive.

No-Work Garden Book by Ruth Stout.
Secrets of famous year-round mulch method.
I know what you're thinking.....Believe me, it's true. You do have to set yourself up, though, but once you do, you'll be amazed. I tell you what, I'll sell my copy to you for ONE MILLION DOLLARS! This is the book to have when you make too many soil blocks! A Rodale Classic. The One-Straw Revolution by Masanobu Fukuoka. An Introduction to Natural Farming My personal favorite. Mr Fukuoka is a Japanese Farmer who grows fruits, vegetables and grains in the most natural way imagined. IT WORKS! Also, a nice ecological philosophy from this Zen farmer. Another Rodale Classic.

The Compost Tea Brewing Manual by Dr. Elaine R. Ingham.
Latest Recipes, Methods and Research-
Dr. Ingham is the compost tea guru. We use compost tea almost exclusively on our farm because a.) it works wonders b.) it's cheap to make it yourself, maybe even free! c.) it's so much fun! And, so, this is the book. I've had the pleasure of studying under Dr. Ingham, and can attest that she knows farming and soil biology.

Seeds of Change by Ken Ausubel
The Living Treasure : The Passionate Story of the Growing Movement to Restore Biodiversity and Revolutionize the Way We Think About Food. This is the book that started it all for me. Kenny Ausubel was one of the founders of Seeds of Change. Excellent story, easy read, environmental awareness through gardening.

Worms Eat My Garbage by Mary Appelhof
The quickest, easiest way for gardeners to start learning about worms and then get growing them. Kind of the pocket guide to raising Red worms.

Gardening West of the Cascades by Steve Soloman
Steve is the "Elliot Coleman of the Pacific Northest". Try using his techniques coupled with soil blocks. You'll be a very happy blocker if you read this.

Water-wise Vegetables by Steve Soloman.
A complete detailed book on how to grow vegetables for crops or seeds in the drought prone summers of the Great Northwest Valleys.


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