Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Testimonials of the Ladbrooke Soil Block Maker Tool by Johnny's Seeds

Soil blockers work and "do it better!" Our customers will testify to that! Here are a few of the many happy customers that I've heard from.

Thanks, and congrats for your site.  It is the best I found about soil block information!!
Quebec, Canada

Chet Marks of South Dakota writes:

Hi Jason,

I am sending some more photos. The reason is because I have tried every method of seed starting there is out there and my findings don't agree with the "so called" experts. For example I have used Bio Domes from Park seeds, peat pellets(large and small) peat pots, Styrofoam cups, paper pots made with a pot maker, flats and now soil blocks. You can see these methods in the photos. In my opinion as a normal grower I can say that soil blocks are by far the best method. But the experts like Nancy Bubel in her book "THE NEW SEED-STARTERS HANDBOOK" in chapter 4 on containers says about soil blocks, and I quote " In my experiments with blocks, I found that they do indeed promote good root growth. For me though,they had two disadvantages. The first was the time and trouble necessary to make the blocks. Secondly, the blocks must be very carefully and frequently watered from above so they don't disintegrate." end of quote. I don't believe any disadvantages exist that outweigh the advantages. Maybe we should stop listening to the experts and be willing to try methods that have a history of effectiveness. Just because someone wrote a book don't mean that they are right about everything. I realize she expressed it as her experience but people I think take that and figure her experience will be theirs and don't try soil blocks. I can say that having tried all methods; soil blocks are by far the best way. Photos attached are of the different seed starting tools I mentioned. For those who are reluctant to try soil blocks tell them I said they will be glad they did. "JUST DO IT" as NIKE says. Thank you for the season cycles, we are using those to help us keep track. I look forward to a great growing season. It gives a whole new meaning to having a block party.


soil-block-gift-215x150.jpgDee Ann of Ohio writes:

Soil blocks are so much better than small mesh peat pots. I purchased the 2 inch block maker and had so much fun with that my husband made me a hydraulic 4 inch block maker that I used for the big seeds. Just to let you know that we were enjoying cucumbers, zucchini and summer squash before the forth of July. The mammoth sunflower was over eight foot. Some of my pumpkins are the size of basketballs. And we should have sweet corn by next week. (July 12)

Gail from North Florida writes:

soil-block-228x161.jpgI cannot describe my joy upon finding your site! I last used soil blocks in 1984. Then I wasn't able to really contemplate gardening for a long (too long) time. Now I'm in North Central Florida, have undertaken to begin a garden, and went hunting for soil block makers, which were the most successful means I've ever used for starting all types of seeds. Lo and behold, yours was the first one to pop up, and it was with sheer delight that I began reading all the information. It took me back 24 years and many happy memories. I have, of course, ordered my soil block makers [from] and can hardly wait until they arrive so that I can begin to garden once again. Thank you for a wonderful web site and for all the information you make available. I can now pursue a long-deferred dream.

Sharon of Ontario writes:

Hi Jason,

hand-held-1-217x366.jpgLove your site and appreciate the loads of info. Just started CSA this spring in Ontario about 3 hrs east of Toronto, with the soil block method. At times, felt like sending hate mail to Elliot Coleman, but found your site and have been lovin’ it ever since. So simple, and so sensible!

Charles L Shreffler of New York writes:

Hi Jason,

I received your soil blockers (micro 20 and mini 4) Friday Oct 7 2011, I was eager to try them out so I mixed up some potting soil I had and started practicing. They came out pretty good so I just sat them in the green trays you sent me. Then I proceeded to plant some lettuce and kale seeds misted them down and put the humidity cover on them.

That was Friday afternoon, I was really surprised when I checked them Saturday afternoon some seeds had already sprouted. Now on Monday this is what they look like.

I am really pleased with the results.

From an email dated 1/3/11

Hello Jason,

I received my mini-4 and OFB mix today, and had made and planted thirty blocks of lettuce inside of an hour, including 45 minutes for the mix to soak. I find the Ladbrooke unit to be extraordinarily easy to use; having never made a block in my life, but having seen your instructional video, I have yet to have any difficulty producing many blocks with speed! tn-1-2-283x204.jpgFollowing your "oatmeal" consistency rule, and soaking for 30-45 minutes in advance, I have yet to have a block fail! In fact, believe it or not, my four year old made eight blocks himself with only my assistance with pressing hard enough to charge on the second push. If he can do it without practicing, I have no doubt that even a complete gardening amateur could pick it up and start out with 100% success! I even got the mix wrong initially, but the Ladbrooke overcame my over-watering and squeezed out the excess when charging the block. It seems that if you have the right soil mix (your Old Farm Boy works flawlessly) and the Ladbrooke unit, you can't really go wrong.

Best Regards,
Justin Reinstein

From an email dated 10/25/2010

Hello Jason!

march2011-147-1-2-260x186.jpgI'm thrilled with my blockers and anxious to get started. Thank you for your promptness, great website and the free coco peat and dowel pins. . . Thank you for helping me be successful in my huge 1/2 acre farm!

Tami Greever, Arkansas

From an email dated 11/15/09
Subject: "Superb Service"

I recently ordered a number of soil blockers from you. I have received them all and I can't wait to use them. They all arrived before I expected them. Thank you ever so much for the emails informing me of shipping dates. I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone, and the next time I need soil blockers I will definitely order through you.

Thanks again from a VERY satisfied customer!!

David Vigue, California


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