Saturday, January 9, 2016

How to Keep Track of Soil Blocks by Using Rite in the Rain Graph Paper

Here is a typical grid pattern drawn on your H2Opruf graph paper. This one represents the 2" soil block, but our water-proof graph paper is designed in 1/4" grids to represent all 5 soil block sizes.

Season Cycles

The Season Cycle Technique used with H2Opruf graph paper:

  1. In this example, each column represents a Mini 4, 2" block row. Sow at least 4 seeds of the same variety down the row(A,B,C,D). Or......
  2. Each column can be fitted to represents a Micro 20 (3/4")block, Maxi 1 (4") block, Mini 5 (1 1/2") block, or a Multi 6 (3") block.
  3. Write in the block space: the seed, variety, company, and date.
  4. If you are going to sow more than one row at a time and choose to fill up your flat, then go ahead and log all the specific information your seeds will experience in that moment for the whole sheet.
  5. Keep track of all plantings. Store Season Cycles in a 3 ring binder with plastic sleeves.
  6. Re-read often as you like, you'll gain great insight into the cycles of the garden and the season as it relates to seed sowing.


  1. Use a pencil, and don't worry about getting the paper wet. Store in a 3-ring binder, hung up high in your garden space.
  2. Or, Use a clip board if you got one! String a pen to it, and ACT professional!
  3. Use a moon calendar and plant with the waning and waxing of the moon cycles.
  4. See FAQ for more information on why we should all be using Season Cycles for organization.
  5. Learn from your mistakes by finding out what doesn't work, and refusing to do it again.

More examples:

Label your Tray or Flat in numbers or letters and include that on your paper to match the flat/tray you're tracking. H20pruf is pecial Waterproof 1/4" grid paper and it is impervious to water and moisture. You must use a pencil, which you're seeding with anyway!

Waterproof season cycle chart in NotebookSeason cycle chart, waterproof paperSeason cycle chart, waterproof paperSeason cycle chart, waterproof paperSeason cycle chart, waterproof paper

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